Visual Studio Code Snippets (Beta)

The official repository for the Visual Studio Code Snippets project. The aim of this project is to offer the development community an extensive set of Visual Studio code snippets in a centralized location to help speed up the development process.

Recently uploaded CodeSnippets

Page Navigation 17

C# Fons Sonnemans
Code snippet for an Xaml Page Navigation using the Common NavigationHelper

Page Header 19

XAML Fons Sonnemans
XAML snippet for basic page header

Entity Code First Identity Key 56

Creates an identity key column for a DbContext Class

koSelect 58

HTML Joshua Blackstone
Snippet for KnockoutJS Select List

Bootstrap Horizontal Form 53

HTML Mark Pritchett
Bootstrap Horizontal Form. Example from

Bootstrap Inline Form 49

HTML Mark Pritchett
Bootstrap Inline Form. Example from

Bootstrap Form 49

HTML Mark Pritchett
Bootstrap Basic Form. Example from

Bootstrap accordian 75

HTML Dylan Hayes
Accordions allow expandable/collapseable content sections with clickable headers

Bootstrap modal 63

HTML Dylan Hayes
Modals are streamlined, but flexible, dialog prompts with the minimum required functionality and smart defaults.

Bootstrap thumbnail 124

HTML Dylan Hayes
Extend Bootstrap's grid system with the thumbnail component to easily display grids of images, videos, text, and more.

Bootstrap tabs 88

HTML Dylan Hayes
Navs available in Bootstrap have shared markup, starting with the base .nav class, as well as shared states. Swap modifier classes to switch between each style.

Bootstrap progress 83

HTML Dylan Hayes
Provide up-to-date feedback on the progress of a workflow or action with simple yet flexible progress bars.

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