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The official repository for the Visual Studio Code Snippets project. The aim of this project is to offer the development community an extensive set of Visual Studio code snippets in a centralized location to help speed up the development process.

Recently uploaded CodeSnippets

Notify Property 808

CSharp mv1986
Property with notify change (C# 5.0).

Notifiable Property with datacont... 761

CSharp mv1986
Property with notify change (C# 5.0) plus datacontract attribute.

propnotify2 970

C# Daniel Turan
Code snippet for property using SetProperty method (compatible with Prism.MVVM and others)

Dispose pattern 1106

C# Fons Sonnemans
Code snippet for the dispose pattern

objectcreation 953

JavaScript Fabian Seiffert
Codeausschnitt für die korrekte Erstellung eines globalen Objektes.

AJAX 1554

JavaScript Zonaro, Carvalho
Cria uma snippet AJAX

TryCatch 1375

SQL Fons Sonnemans
Adds a Try/Catch including a transaction

rw 1225

C# Zackariya El Khalfaoui
Code snippet for Response.Write

2X2 Grid 1379

XAML Microsoft Corporation
XAML snippet for a 2X2 Grid

XamlSetterCreator 1373

XAML William Wegerson
In Xaml add a style setter.

XamlStyleSetterCreator 1290

XAML William Wegerson
Create a Style and a Setter.

propscreategen 1284

C# Kevin McFarlane
Code snippet for Akka.NET Actor Props Create using generic syntax

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