This website is setup to share IntelliSense Code Snippets. IntelliSense Code Snippets provide a way for you to insert ready-made snippets of code into your projects. You can Upload your own snippets or download snippets from others. You can add snippets to your package which you can use to generate a Visual Studio Extension (VSIX Deployment) containing these snippets.

This website is created by Fons Sonnemans and Dylan Hayes.

Fons Sonnemans

Fons Sonnemans Fons Sonnemans is a well-known speaker at conferences and seminars. He is known for his up-to-date and expert knowledge of the latest Microsoft technologies. He has been using Microsoft .NET technology intensively since 2001, because it allows him to apply his knowledge and experience to business critical situations. As a trainer, speaker, coach and developer at Reflection IT, he likes to share this knowledge and experience on a daily basis. Fons Sonnemans also has a passion for developing Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps. He has created numerous apps, some of which are very successful

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Dylan Hayes

Dylan Hayes Dylan Hayes is a .Net developer of 15 years primarily focused in the health and medical fields. He is constantly building new applications and refactoring old ones to take advantage of all of the latest technologies. Dylan is a performance nut and is always looking for ways to save those precious miliseconds. When Dylan is not coding you'll find him enjoying spare time with his family or possibly making some sort of game using Construct 2.

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Creating Code Snippets

IntelliSense Code Snippets are stored in XML files that adhere to the IntelliSense Code Snippets XML schema. This section contains topics that explain how to create and modify your own code snippets.

How to: Create a Basic Code Snippet

Describes how to create a simple code snippet.

How to: Create a New Snippet with Imports and References

Explains how to add Imports and References elements to Visual Basic code snippets.

How to: Create a New Snippet with Replacements

Explains how to add customizable literals and objects to code snippets.

How to: Create Code Snippets for XML Files

Explains how to create a code snippet for XML files.

Creating and Using IntelliSense Code Snippets

Explains how to create and use a code snippet.

Extension Package

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